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Hello everyone and a very happy (very) late new year!
Most of you guys probably have some great resolutions for the folowing year. Besides that I also know that a lot of people have a problem with procrastination (like myself). Well, I have been wanting to break this bad habit for a while now. So here is a round up of some tips that can help you be more productive this year and get on top of your work and your new year resolutions!

Make a plan to conquer 

Get yourself a great planner or agenda, something that will help you plan (obviously)! I see a planner as an investment, for myself and for my future. You have to feel good about using it otherwise the planner won’t be of any use to you . I’m speaking from past experiences here. Try some different styles of planners, like one that is divided by the hour or a bullet journal. Maybe you just need a to do list that you make first thing in the morning or in the evening to sort out all the plans in your head. Try everything until you find the one that suits you and your lifestyle.

You can find a perfect example of a planner here

Most productive part of the day

Go ahead and see what your most productive part of the day is, for me it’s definitely the morning and the afternoon. In the evening I’ll just get in a real slump and my mind will drift of to other fun stuff that I could do. I don’t have a specific tip on how to do find your most productive part of the day, you just need to work during the three different time slots and figure out in which part of the day you get most of your stuff done.

Start with the least fun task

We all know that if you start with your least favorite task, you will feel a lot better because: yes, you just conquered the boring part so now you can do all of the other ‘fun’ tasks. The other stuff aren’t going to seem so hard to do anymore.

Use your time wisely

Everyone needs  a break, you can’t do everything at once, even if you want to. Take some breaks in between your tasks. Maybe you can use the pomodoro method, where you work for 25 minutes and take a break for 5 minutes. This will help you keep track of how much time you spent on each task and how many breaks you can take.

What you shouldn’t do during your breaks: Read, watch television, scroll through your phone,…
What you should do during your breaks: Take a short walk, eat some fruit, lay your head down and close your eyes for 5 minutes,…

‘Done list’

Make a list of all the things  that you’ve already done that day. You will have an overview of all the things you have done but you will also have a sense of fulfillment. You feel so productive when you see all the tasks you have already finished. It will also motivate you to finish up the rest of your tasks so you can enjoy the rest of your day without having a nagging voice in the back of your head that reminds you of everything you still have to get done.


I would say: start now with whatever you need to do and use these tips. Which is your favorite?

Lots of love

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